The best places to live in Panama

Panama has thousands of little "paradises". Who arrives here for the first time is perhaps overwhelmed to find his home. Especially considering that it's not only a matter of beauty, but a lot more criteria.

How far should/may your place of residence be from Panama City? After all, the capital is the hotspot for making money, even if medical aspects play a role, a TOP hospital should be reachable in 60-90 minutes (for example Punta Pacifica Panamá). Is a corner shop enough for you, or do you like shopping in a mall or at least in one of the big groceries? What about culture, dinner and transport connections?    

Which climate do you prefer? Over 30 degrees during the day and 24 degrees at night? Then the whole coastal region can be considered. Do you prefer the cold, the so-called "eternal spring"? Starting from Panama City you can choose "Altos de Maria", "Valle de Anton", Santa Fé, Boquete or Volcán (about 500 km away). 



A great place to live and vacation

The area between Punta Chamé and Playa Blanca is particularly attractive. On the one hand there is the proximity to the capital and the good infrastructure. Those who want to earn money surely will not look for an exotic little island in front of Bocas del Toro. The same goes for those who value first-class hospital treatment in an emergency.

Secondly, you have a pure feeling for life here. Beautiful sandy beaches and warm sea water all year round, which reflects the blue of the sky.


There are luxury all-inclusive facilities for residents and short-term tenants with a golf course and all kinds of water sports. But even if you live in the neighbourhood at a lower price, you can still benefit from this infrastructure.

In The mountains

Between coffee farms and the climate of eternal spring

Almost completely in the west of Panama, direction Costa Rica border, you find the province Chiriquí. The provincial capital David is only suitable for the weekly grocery shopping. But the countryside is really charming. In Boquete there is a large community of US pensioners.

Volcán is the highest municipality of Panama, whose village Cerro Punta is located at an altitude of 2000 m and forms the centre of strawberry and vegetable cultivation. Panama City is seven hours drive from here.


Who lives up here and wants to have a beach day can drive either to BOCA CHICA or PUERTO ARMUELLES, both about 1.5 hours away. 

Alternative in capital proximity (only 1.5 hours from Panama City) are the villages ALTOS DE MARIA and EL VALLE DE ANTON - life on high level at 24-26 degrees.

Coastal resorts 

As second residence or for retirees who love peace and quiet 

Panama has 1200 km of Caribbean coast (most of it is still undeveloped and inaccessible) and 1700 km of Pacific coast. Which of them is suitable as a place to live, however, can be determined quickly.


The RIVIERA PACIFICA can cover all needs.


For those who already receive their pension and love the seclusion, there are many other interesting possibilities:

- Red Frog Beach Resort in Bocas del Toro 

- on an island near Boca Chica

- the small town Pedasí with beach access

- Beach sections to Puerto Armuelles

- or very sophisticated on Taboga Island 

The beaches of Las Lajas and La Barqueta have not been advised here, as there are many warnings about the dangers of ocean currents.


pure Lifestyle 

Those who can afford it ... at the Avenida Balboa with a fantastic view to the promenade and the sea, or around the Trumptower in Panama-Pacifica, or in Costa del Este.


Then there are people who wouldn't trade anything for a cool rooftop apartment in Casco Viejo, the restored historic old town quarter with Panama's trendiest nightlife.


And a third group can be served: City life and nature combined in one of the most exclusive residential areas with its own pool and 24-hour security service.

This sales dossier is intended as an example of how non-millionaires can also find their dream apartment in Panama City...

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