What can you experience?

Boredom is impossible in Panama. Breathtaking    nature, over   1000 islands, the coolest city in the world and YOU...


+ Water

Enjoy the most beautiful beaches

Isla Taboga in front of Panama City

Countless beach resorts on the Riviera Pacifica

Playa Venao

San Blas Islands

Bocas del Toro: Playa Estrella and Red Frog Beach

World class surf areas

The islands of Bocas del Toro are particularly popular with surfers. Countless hostels and upscale resorts are hotspots for surf fans.

Especially the Pacific coast has a lot to offer. Quote from a travel blog: "Santa Catalina has a killer point break, according to which the pros of the world lick all ten fingers, called "La Punta". This reef literally attracts the swell and creates one of the best surf waves in Central America".

Snorkeling and Diving

Dolphin and whale watching 

The "Galapagos Island of Panama", ISLA COIBA, offers a fantastic underwater world. Formerly a famous prison island, this spot is almost untouched by tourism. Other recommended areas for diving etc. are the National Park Boca Chica, Bocas del Toro and the San Blas Islands.

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Nature +


Sunrise on the VOLCAN BARU: Only for the fittest but unique: The ascent to the 3,500 m high volcano begins at midnight. You'll climb 1800 meters of altitude. On the summit, the sunrise with a view of both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. 
EL VALLE DE ANTON: Walk to the waterfall "El Macho", to the zoo "El Nispero", to the "square trees" and the thermal springs "Pozos termales". Canopy tours and horse riding are also possible.

NATIONAL PARK SOBERANIA and LAKE GATUN: More tropical jungle is not possible. Impressive giant trees, dense vegetation and many rare animals. On Lake Gatún you will meet kayaking Giga ships on their way through the Panama Canal.

SANTA FE - Bermejo waterfall, river swimming and nature pure. Here you are almost alone and can enjoy the National Park without mass tourism.

FROM BOQUETE TO CERO PUNTA ON THE QUETZTAL PATH: One of the most beautiful hiking trails in Latin America, on the north face of the Volcano Barú. On the way through the cloud forest you cross numerous streams, see the Quetztal bird, many orchids and wild animals.

There are also many coffee farms in this area. A must visit.



PANAMA CANAL - canal sightseeing, museum, Puente de las Americas and Puente Centenario

The history of the construction of the Panama Canal is very interesting. Also the functioning of the locks, the towing locomotives and all other installations. A visit to this marvel of technology is a must for every Panama visitor.

BIOMUSEO in Panama City: Exceptional location and architecture. The museum shows the biological diversity of the small country, which exceeds the biodiversity of all North America. The surrounding biodiversity park extends the exhibition into the surrounding landscape. 

AVENIDA BALBOA in Panama City: A perfect walk along the well-kept promenade to admire the skyline of Panama City. The Trump Tower (Latin America's tallest building in 2011), the Torre Vitri and the Bicsal Financial Center are Panama's tallest skyscrapers with post-modern architecture. After four kilometers, you will pass the fish market and reach Panama's old town with its presidential palace and many beautifully restored buildings. Here the nightlife has its special charm.