Emigratin is not an issue for you at the moment?

From one day to the next, it could become an issue. Through world political events. Or happenings in your own country. Or you realize that what you have fought for so far is being reduced to absurdity. How the fanatics you have fed so far deny you the right to existence, life and thinking.  

That´s why panama is now called plan b


Conditions in country of origin still favourable


We still have open borders in Europe and America. We can leave at any time. However, if the internal or external conditions suddenly deteriorate, the borders can be closed very quickly. The freedom to travel can also be restricted individually according to the political colour by passport retention.

Since the state needs more and more money, a stricter exit taxation in some countries is conceivable, as well as capital controls and taxation based on citizenship, as in the USA. So US citizens are taxed according to their world income, no matter where they live. If you do not have a second citizenship, you cannot escape it by expatriation.

"Insider Business" reports in February 2017 "why thousands of millionaires leave Germany". According to the report, there were one thousand by 2015 and four thousand by 2016 - an increase of 300 percent. Since millionaires pay 25% of all taxes and the majority of emigrants are well educated, the state will have to try to put a stop to bloodletting.


But still the conditions are favourable. 


Still very low barriers in the target country


Let's take PANAMA as an example. There are currently ideal conditions for citizens from 50 "friendly nations". The entire procedure for obtaining an immediate permanent residence permit requires only two short visits to the country and is feasible at a cost of less than $5000. 

But: Imagine, one of the "paises amigos", for example France, is affected by inner unrest or war. The associated migration wave would immediately lead to a freeze in Panama's current immigration policy (that of other countries as well).

Panama reacted very quickly to the situation in Venezuela and introduced a visa requirement for Venezuelans in 2017. In addition, the previously very liberal conditions for tourists were made stricter, as many migrants from Venezuela spent six months in the country as tourists and then only had to travel to the neighbouring country for 1-3 days in order to re-enter the country. This was now stopped.

In contrast to Europe's immigration policy, most countries in the world successfully decide for themselves who is allowed to take up residence in the country. Europeans and Americans are currently very welcome, whether as pensioners, investors or consumers. This time window must be used. Once you have the permanent residence permit for Panama, it is truly "permanent", which means you do not have to provide any further proof.


Personal Resources


The fact is that it is very difficult to emigrate with debts, a serious illness, during a personal crisis or periods of unemployment.

Therefore, your current resources (health, education, savings, independence) are ideal to obtain immediate permanent residency for Panama.

Do you have the opportunity to get to know the country during your next vacation? Then now would be the time. Because nobody knows what will come tomorrow.