If an investment decision is made to diversify outside Europe, there are hardly any alternatives to Panama. Because what counts for you as an investor is sustainable growth. And security - in all its facets. The result: Primero Panama. 

In contrast, the subject of emigration is much more subjective.  Depending on personal preferences, family ties or language skills, other countries may also be considered. Below are some popular destinations for emigrants as well as the advantages and disadvantages compared to Panama (a job offer or other personal circumstances once left out).   

Why not go to ...?


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So again: Why choose Panama?


1. Panama is one of the most free countries in the world because of its independence (water, energy, food), its liberal economic policy, its political neutrality without military and its tax system.


2. Panama's clever immigration policy attracts qualified people from all over the world and offers Europeans, among others, a simplified procedure for obtaining permanent residence permits.


3. Panama is the fastest growing economy in the entire region with the most modern infrastructure (roads, fast Internet, shopping paradise, banking sector).


4. Panama has a stable warm climate all year round and a natural diversity that is unrivalled.

5. Panama is a safe country (friendly people, hardly any no-go zones, political stability, autarky, outside of hurricane).

... not without mentioning the drawbacks


As in all of Latin America, many things in Panama are not perfect. Although there are litter bins everywhere, people still throw garbage carelessly to the roadside. Punctuality is not taken that seriously. Health care in rural areas is guaranteed 24 hours a day, but not at the high level of Panama City.


In the eastern part of the country, towards the border with Colombia, there is dense rainforest. Only a few travel to these areas, but those who do should be vaccinated against yellow fever.

And: People move very slowly here - not least because of the temperatures. That drives your blood pressure up at the supermarket checkout... But with time you get used to it.