Four reasons to invest outside your country:


Steady return instead of waiver of interest (zero interest rate policy)


Dollar investment outside of the European liability regime


Diversification into growth market 



Self-determination through foundations (divorce, inheritance)



Four ways to invest in Panama's 

real estate market

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Residential properties

Where? Panama City and Riviera Pacífica -  Yields of 6-9 %

In Panama City not only hundreds of multinational corporations have their headquarters and are looking for apartments for their employees. The UN and other institutions also have a growing need. Due to the continuing economic boom and the progressive immigration conditions, there is a constant demand for good apartments for long-term rentals from 1 year.

The locations are Panama City (near the metro stations, Casco Viejo, residential areas close to the sea) and the Riviera Pacífica in the district of Panama Oeste. Of course, there are no seasonal limitations for long-term rentals.

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Tourism industry 

Where? Riviera Pacífica (all year round) or in the interior (season)

The tourism sector will grow by 5.5% annually over the next 10 years.

After all, there is a visa-free entry in Panama for about one billion people who speak Spanish and English. Together with the world currency dollar and many international consumer brands known from home, the holiday in Panama is for many a feel-good holiday in a family environment.

The average length of stay of tourists has increased by 135% in the last 10 years. The state has introduced highly interesting tax advantages for new investments in the tourism sector, which shows how priorities are set. One wants to shoot up to Costa Rica, a touristically developed country, but twice as expensive.

But even if you don't have 8 million to receive the government subsidy in the province of Panama, you can still participate in the booming growth of this sector by buying an existing hostel or hotel.

The advantage of the province of Panama, including the Riviera Pacífica, is that there is no season. The whole year is season. In other provinces there are special effects due to regional holidays or holiday weeks in addition to the high season (December to April), where the hotels are also fully booked. 

The return can be over 20%, but the investment can also be a minus business. Good information and advice is particularly important for tourism properties. If you make the right decision and bring in your own ideas, you will be very successful in Panama. 


Fractional Ownership

Where? Wherever Permanent Travellers can benefit from Panama as a gateway. Annual yield 8 weeks "holidays"

A growing number of prospective buyers would like to have a luxurious apartment close to the sea, with all comforts such as pool, 24-hour security, social areas, proximity to the capital etc.. But they can't or don't want to use it all year round. Because they still have a good job in their home country. Or maybe they are digital nomads in different countries of the world who earn their money online and don't want to become taxable in any country.


The new ownership concept OCEANVIEW42 was developed for this purpose. You will become one of six co-owners (not to be confused with TimeSharing!) of a luxury apartment with sea view. This costs logically only a fraction of the total price, but gives you the same ownership rights as the other co-owners. Everyone has the right to use the property for themselves or their relatives 8 weeks a year.

A concierge service co-ordinates the appointment requests and takes care of asset management and maintenance and offers services ranging from airport transfers and driving services to arranging massages and other services.


OCEANVEIW42 is only available at the best locations of RIVIERA PACIFICA, starting at $ 42'000,-. Your return per year: 8 weeks of luxury holidays and the potential for value growth.


Investing in Land

Where? Wherever the infrastructure will be expanded in the future. Or become the owner of a "Bio-Finca in the box"

As KELLER WILLIAS Associate I have the privilege of providing you with a unique "Finca in the box" investment. Already from 41000,- and with annual returns between 15% - 18%. Read more here:


Land purchase as a bet on the future: You need patience for this investment, because it does not yield annual returns. But the potential for value growth is gigantic. In the next 10 years Panama will open up the north coast, starting with the 3rd bridge over the Panama Canal near Colón. Recently the connection via Santa Fé to the north coast was completed. Ask me, and I will find the undeveloped property according to your specifications regarding size, location and price range.

Anyone who is an expert in the field of tropical woods, coffee fincas or agriculture in general knows what it means to make a successful investment in the mountains of Panama. I would be happy to arrange a finca for you through our professional network.

Buying land in the coastal region of RIVIERA PACIFICA or the AZUERO Peninsula can be a valuable investment, even if you are not yet planning to build here. Ask me about the best options for you. 



Property search

Let's talk about wishes and requirements.


I have access to most of the Panama listed properties for sale, will pre-select, inspect, evaluate documents and present you the 3 best options.

Private Tours

You want to get an overview? Plus insider information about country, life and people? Take off your pink glasses and discover both pros and cons? Then we go on a full day tour together. Other tours are also possible on request.

Prozess coaching

Residencia, real estate purchase, licenses... for everything you need the required experts:

I will be pleased to recommend them to you and assist you on request. This concerns lawyers, bank authorities and others. 

Project management

Thanks to many years of experience, I can assist you with project planning and contract negotiations. During remodeling / renovations or new construction, I will gladly take over the coordination of deadlines and quality control.