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PANAMA is a country of superlatives. In the smallest space can be found the most impressive city in Latin America, the largest shopping mall in Central and South America, the largest free trade zone in the Western Hemisphere, the eighth wonder of the world, the "Panama Canal", but also a spectacular natural panorama with a diversity of species greater than in all of North America.

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Panama ranks first globally in Gallup-Healthways Global Well-Being Index

Panama City is ranked as having the highest standard of living in Central America in 2017

The people of Panama are calm and friendly. Many factors are responsible for the super ranking in the Wellbeing-Index. A warm climate all year round, decades of economic growth, ever new infrastructure projects that benefit everyone, a high level of security and the many opportunities to relax and enjoy life. 

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Safety in all its facets - 

from politics to investment security

POLITICAL SECURITYAccording to the Global Peace Index, Panama is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. The country has no military since 1990. Panama maintains good relations with its two neighboring countries Colombia and Costa Rica. Costa Rica also has no army. Internationally, Panama is a valued partner because of its neutrality and serves as a place for mediation. 

In 1999 the Panama Canal and the US military bases were handed over to Panama. In the case of international conflicts, however, it can be assumed that the country will be adequately protected due to the vitality of the Panama Canal and the US infrastructure.

Safety from natural disasters: Panama is located outside the hurricane zones. The only volcano - inactive for 600 years - is 500 km away from the capital and the Riviera Pacifica. Due to the tropical climate and the abundance of water, the supply of food and drinking water is oversupplied. Due to the many hydropower plants, the country is fully energy autarkic. 

Investment security: The link between the Panamanian economy and the US dollar (since 1904) guarantees currency security and low inflation rates. Foreign and domestic investors enjoy the same rights. The highest economic growth of all Western countries for years and the positive outlook (over 6% per year) for the next few years guarantee investors rising returns.

Crime: Panama is the safest country in Central America and, according to statistics, the number 3 in all of Latin America. Most of them are petty crimes. Violence against foreigners is rather unknown, as it is punished extremely severely. Private security services are part of the street scene and convey a high sense of security. 

Panama is the first Retirement destination in the world (Source: Global Retirement Index)

Panama has a unique retiree advantage program. You get a discount on almost everything.




Panama is the fastest growing country in the western hemisphere. Since 1999 it has only been going in one direction - uphill.

It has the largest free trade zone in the western world and the largest shopping mall in Latin America.



Shopping Paradise and best 


Panama has the largest malls and the best prices in Latin America. People from other countries of the continent make short trips only for shopping in Panama. Even in a single mall (e.g. Albrock Mall with its 700 shops) you need more than one day to see everything. The more than 20,000 ATMs, the dollar currency and many shops with 24-hour opening hours round off the picture. In addition, Panama has the lowest VAT of all Latin American countries (7%). 

Panama offers first class medical treatments by American-trained, English-speaking doctors - and that at half the price that is usual in the USA. Panama is ranked 10th globally for its medical tourism industry. 


Between Panama City and Costa Rica runs the Interamericana, a four-to six-lane highway. Panama City is served by a modern metro. The gasoline is cheap and the annual car taxes are a dream (about $ 120.00).


1st for quality of air transport infrastructure in Latin America and Caribbean (6st globally!) 

The strategic location in the heart of America connects East and West, North and South, with 90 international direct connections, for example Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Toronto, New York, etc.


1st for quality of port infrastructure (5th worldwide!) 

The expansion of the Panama Canal in 2016 for the very largest Neo-class freighters triples the capacity of container trade.


8% of world trade is handled via the Panama Canal. 144 sea routes to 1700 ports in 160 countries.


Fastest broadband download speeds in Central America (Panama is the continental link of 7 submarine fiber optic cables)


This makes Panama the first choice for digital nomads. Work under palm trees or in the pulsating capital with an impressive view of the Pacific.

Call center activities are no problem. Best mobile coverage.


Number 1 in the ranking "Travel and Tourism in Central America. 

Panama is surrounded by over 1000 islands. The climate is warm all year round, over 45% of the state territory is forest.

There are 45 nature reserves with an area of 22'354 km2 (about 30% of the state territory).

Panama is home to a cluster of high-class spa resorts.

Panama is ONE of the most free countries in the world

The country regulates its immigration very cleverly and attracts investors and qualified people from all over the world. This is why the country receives most foreign direct investment from all Latin American countries. 


Due to the diversified composition of the population (5 indigenous peoples plus people from almost all countries of the world) the mainly Catholic country is however progressive tolerant. Multicultural positive, not influenced by philosophies of submission of a certain immigrant group.

Approximately 80 percent of the population does not pay direct taxes. As an immigrant, all world income (which does not come from Panamanian sources) is TAX-FREE for you. 

You can start a company within one week (for example within your Residencia application). Then only performance counts. Not party book or political opinion.



Panama is surrounded by more than 1000 islands and offers an incredible variety of nature.

Wander the stunning landscapes around EL VALLE DE ANTON, BOQUETE or VOLCAN, glide with the Gamboa cable car through the treetops of the rainforest, experience waterfalls up close, feel the adrenaline while whitewater rafting or surfing, or go for a quiet kayak trip or sailing. Enjoy the underwater world while diving and snorkeling, take a trip through the PANAMA-CANAL. Watch rare birds, sloths, anteaters, tamarin monkeys, turtles and whales.


Visit a coffee plantation, play world-class golf courses and shop to your heart's content in one of the many malls.