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Would you like to earn a passive income of at least $8000.00 per year? Not in the "casino economy" but with a real value investment of the lowest risk class? How much are you willing to invest? 

To receive $8,000.00 a year, $266,000.00 is to be deposited into a savings account with 3% interest.

Or you invest in an apartment in a privileged location in Panama and hope to find a solvent long-term tenant. After deducting all expenses, you can expect a return of 5.5%. Investment for this: $145,000.00

Still close to the "low risk class" would be the S&P 500 stock index. According to Investopedia, the long-term return here is 7%. To earn an average of $8,000.00 per year, you would still have to invest $114,000.00

How about a one-time investment of only $49,500 for a 13% or $8,000 yearly ROI (return on investment) ? 

One of the best investment opportunities "made in Panama"

Lowest risk class - yields around 13%

Panama Greenhouse Invest

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This investment is decoupled from general market risks and has the support of the largest companies and the government of Panama!

The AgBox Greenhouses are the most efficient way of agricultural food production:


Controlled environmental conditions

Saves farmland, water and labour costs

Provides more production cycles, as production is independent of weather and season

Flexible reaction to demand changes even within a one-year period



  • Purchase of a turnkey high-tech greenhouse structure of 250 m2

  • Purchase price $ 49,500 - discount from 2 units

  • Notarized title deed

  • Management contract 30 years with renewal option

  • Projected return 13%-17% per year

  • First harvest in the second year

  • Profit disbursement always in the 1st quarter of the following year 

  • Profit distribution 85% in favor of the investor, 15% AgVisor

  • Projected net income per year between $8130 and $11450


Think big - why investments in smart farming are vital for survival

Only 4% of the earth's surface can still be used as farmland. Desertification and the construction industry are competing with the scarce resources, with the result that the agricultural land available will decline to 3.7% by 2030. As the world's population continues to grow, food production must be increased by 70% according to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)!

So there is a need for optimization. In order to be able to produce much more in less ground, intelligent greenhouse structures are necessary. Up to now, small investors had no market access to participate in this lucrative growth sector.

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Savety First!

Diversification has always been right. But never more important than today. The world is in upheaval and the trends are already clearly visible. Below you will find the three key factors for asset protection in the future:

The most important thing right now? To protect your assets SAFELY through the troubled years.

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1. Invest inflation-proof in tangible assets

Even before "Corona", interest rate cuts to zero and the massive purchase of government and corporate bonds had led to an astronomical multiplication of the "casino industry" (stocks, derivates, etc.) and to its complete decoupling from the real goods markets. The shutdown has destroyed supply chains and left many companies to die a slow death.  

A PC can be started at the push of a button, but not a destroyed economy. Now further trillions are being printed, so that an overall lower supply of goods is counterbalanced by another extremely inflated money supply. Many experts see hyperinflation as inevitable after a short phase of deflation.

Strategy recommendation: Get out of bits & bytes and invest in stable tangible assets

2. Out of unstable currencies

Post-pandemic economic recovery programs cost trillions of dollars. Who has to pay - through additional income taxes, property taxes, and solidarity programs? The middle class. That's why it may be reasonable to diversify your assets outside your residential country as well if you don't live in Panama. 

3. Adapting to social acceptance

The global zeitgeist o social climate, controlled by NGOs and the mass media through campaigns, protest movements and international conferences, will finally be incorporated into laws by the states.

The consequence? Future investments must be CO2-neutral, sustainable and probably also vegan


Panama Invest Greenhouse

Panama's economy has known only one direction for three decades - upwards! The average economic growth is on average twice as high as that of Latin America. The rating agency Moody's sees Panama in 2021 as the richest country in Latin America after "Corona" and hence as the winner from the crisis. 

Since Panama has been using the US dollar for more than 100 years and does not have its own central bank, money cannot be created from nothing and thus the currency cannot be inflated.  

Foreign income is tax free in Panama. Domestic income from agriculture is also tax free up to $350000.

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Panama Investieren Residencia

Thanks to the Panama Canal, through which almost 8% of all world trade passes, the country has stable revenues. Even during the Corona shutdown, container transport via Panama increased by 12% from January - May 2020.


Due to its excellent infrastructure and the largest free trade zone in the western hemisphere, Panama is the logistics hub for many multinational corporations and international organizations such as the WHO. So the outlook for future-oriented agricultural business are excellent. 

Economic stability and embedding in international structures are also the guarantee for social stability. Panama is one of the safest countries in Latin America.

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We at kwObarrio (KELLER WILLIAS REAL ESTATE PANAMA) are working exclusively with an exceptional international company that operates high-tech permaculture and greenhouse hydroponics and has launched the largest greenhouse structure in Central America in 2018 in the presence of the Panamanian Minister of Agriculture. Smart Farming has already been in operation for many years with an Israeli high-tech company belonging to the holding, in Peru on over 80,000 hectares.


The company is expanding in Panama and we are pleased to open the door to two unique and secure investments.

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Own your very own fully-managed high-tech Greenhouse in PANAMA


A world leading development and management group for smart farming is massively expanding in Panama. The recipe for success is participation concepts using state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence, resulting in a win-win situation for both sides. In Panama, for example, over 3000 hectares of farmland are already being managed in a "finca-in-the-box" concept for small investors. Profit sharing 70%/30% in favour of the landowner. 

Since 2018, the group has made additional investments in gigantic greenhouses to operate state-of-the-art hydroponics. The products are purchased by Panama's largest food chains. And they are begging for more goods!

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You acquire a high-tech turnkey green house structure with the latest irrigation technology from Israel and a 30-year management contract (with an extension option)

Yeah - right: The customers are begging for more goods!

Panama still imports 85% of its food, although this country has infinite resources for agricultural production: water, fertile soil and a year-round tropical climate. In addition, there is a first-class infrastructure for export.

Since the Corona crisis, food safety has been at the top of the government's priority list!

The multinational high-tech farm development company has been cooperating with the Panamanian government for years in the areas of water supply, education, land development for organic production and sustainability in agriculture. The declared goal of the company is not only to reduce Panama's dependence on food imports, but to increase the gross domestic product in this sector to 20% with the exports of the group of companies. 




We will advise you, organize tours to the Simply Natural farms and accompany you during the purchase process. The world's leading smart farming developer and administrator offers the following investment opportunities in Panama:

(a) Finca-in-the-box 1 hectare of farm land "turnkey" (avocado, mango or lime), registered in the public register as real estate property and inheritable, with management contract. Yield 15-18%, first harvest in the fourth year, payments in the following year

(b) Greenhouse-Invest 250m2 "turnkey", notarial title deed (saleable, inheritable), with management contract 30 years. Yield 13-17%, first harvest in the second year, payments in the following year

Follow the money...

What should I, Michael Jähne, as a real estate expert, advise you? Don't believe me, believe those who have an overview and manage hundreds of billions: “It is expected that agriculture assets in general will continue outperforming financial assets (stocks and bonds) over the coming decades” –Warren Buffet, Berskshire Hathaway multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, United States

I'm not saying "make a quick decision, the window is closing." The company continues to expand and aims to become the world's largest indoor fruit and vegatable producer. That means you can make your investment decision in 2022, 2021 or immediately. Aside from the fact that purchase price adjustments are possible, the timing of your investment will determine when you receive your first payout.


You will not find a comparable investment with a double-digit return and such a high level of security as the smart farming investments and the state-of-the-art greenhouses in Panama offer. Request your information pack now.

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Consulting, organization of tours and sales



MICHAEL JÄHNE - Investment consultant and member of ACOBIR

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