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Panama is the destination of choice of thousands of companies and hundrets of thousands of qualified people from all over the world


And it is increasingly being discovered by Europeans. This year a tripling of visitors from Western Europe is expected in search of a Plan B, safe investments or the perfect place to live.


Americans and Canadians have been here for decades, running the coolest bars or offering ecotourism in many of the national parks. The country is becoming more and more popular all over the world. As a shopping paradise, financial investment with first-class and secure returns and as a destination for emigration.

If you need a Plan B, then Panama is your best insurance for the coming years. Accessible, affordable and safe. Organize your permanent residency now.

On the following information pages you will find the highlights of Panama - for investors, for emigrants, for permanent travellers and of course also for normal holidaymakers. 

Safe Investments

Many Europeans are looking for an alternative to zero interest rate policy, the expropriation fantasies of leading politicans and the danger of their own property being devalued by the consequences of immigration policy. They are astonished to discover that there is a country by direct flight across the Atlantic where economic freedom and development are literally to be caught with your hands. And where the coexistence of cultures functions excellently because the country very cleverly determines whom it invites and consistently takes action against crime. 

For 20 years there has been only one direction - upwards. Visible through the most impressive skyline of Latin America, grandiose infrastructure projects, almost nationwide broadband Internet and a high-class lifestyle that you can experience up close in the capital. Behind all this are liberal economic laws, low taxes and Panamas Friendly Nations Permanent Residency Program that gives you the opportunity to set up a new home, start a business and establish your tax residence in Panama.

Click your way through the info pages for facts and figures and opportunities for real estate investments.

GettinG to the Goal with local Experts

With this information platform I recommend myself as your local representative in Panama. In Switzerland, I have served hundreds of clients as a real estate manager with a Swiss Federal Certificate of Expertise. Before that, I was able to acquire extensive knowledge of construction and renovation in Germany and Spain through my own construction projects.

After several Caribbean trips we finally decided for Panama and never regretted this step. Since 2017 I have the residencia permanente for Panama. I would be happy to contribute my expertise to advise you. And if the consulting and my network bring you added value, I will gladly earn money with it. I am for Win-Win. If I am not honestly convinced a deal is good for you, I won't recommend it. Promised. 


You can expect the following fee-based services from me:

- Procuring a good lawyer for hosting the residencia permanente process, and all other services to make your first stay here in Panama a complete success (e.g. appartment rental, introduction to the most important places in Panama City, obtaining a SIM-card für your mobile phone, a RAPID-Pass-card, etc.)

- Private tours to get to know the possible places of residence including insider information, advantages and disadvantages.

- Property search according to your specifications

- Construction advising and assistance

The presentation of the properties listed at KellerWilliams Panama is of course completely free of charge for you as a buyer or long-term tenant. It's a pleasure for me to find your best home for you and with you. 

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